Refacing is the first step to reinventing your home

KMJ Design & Construction takes a simple approach to cabinet refacing to ensure your plans run smooth, quick, and efficiently. Our company understands kitchen and bathroom projects can disrupt your family's daily routine, so we do our best to make sure you barely know we're there working!

To help improve your home we will...

1. conduct a consultation

We put our clients' needs and wants at the forefront of every one of our projects. During our consultations we clarify what you want to and suggest solutions that can ultimately meet your objectives.

Before considering refacing your cabinets ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to replace or reface my cabinets?
  • Do I need more space in my kitchen or bathroom?
  • Do I want my cabinets to be reorganized or function differently?

If your answers were mostly yes to these questions, than yes you should reface your cabinets and yes we are the company that help you!  

2. evaluate your current design

Our ultimate goal is to build what you need and improve the functionality of your home. We will thoroughly examine the layout of your kitchen or bathroom(s) to determine how your project ideas can be built. Nothing is too hard for us to do and we are always open to a challenge. 

3. plan the functional upgrades you want

Cabinet refacing is the first step to reinventing your kitchen or bathroom(s) in your home. Because we put our clients needs and ideas first, we pay close attention to what kind of functionalities you desire. Since we also provide services for countertops, backsplash, appliance installation, and custom cabinet upgrades, we can make sure your home's overall design is cohesive.